Our Beloved Sponsors

September 16, 2014

Our Beloved Sponsors

A quick thanks to our five sponsors this month for their support. Our first sponsor, The Hanger Project, just got a bunch of new neckwear and knitwear in. Lots of textured Drake’s ties, made from tussah and shantung (good for the warmer months), wool/ silk blends (for the colder seasons), and grenadines (for year round). For sweaters, they also have some new pieces from Inis Meain, a small, high-end manufacturer located on one of the Aran Islands. Included are some “celebration knits,” which are highly decorative pieces that people on those islands would traditionally wear for special occasions. 

Our second sponsor Gustin does online crowdsourcing campaigns for raw, selvedge denim jeans, workshirts, and rugged outerwear. Since they don’t stock any inventory, and sell directly to customers, they can offer much lower prices (as they don’t have to pay for middle man markups and account for unsold inventory). At the moment, some of their projects include black denim jeans, plaid flannel shirts, waxed trucker jackets, and a couple of small, leather goods. The downside? Once campaigns hit 100% funding, the opportunity to get in on the project closes, and everything is sent to production. 

Next, Proper Cloth just finished up their first fashion show with Esquire Magazine. They’re an online custom shirtmaker, but are working to close the gap between made-to-measure and ready-to-wear. Delivery times have been compressed to one to two weeks, and they’ve designed “collections” of pre-designed shirts, which you can adjust to your measurements. Of course, you can also just design your own shirt from scratch, and if you’re uncomfortable with taking self-measurements, you can also send them your best fitting shirt for them to copy. They’ll replicate the fit, but make you a new shirt according to your fabric and style selections. 

Lastly, we want to give a warm thank you to Ledbury and Chipp Neckwear. Ledbury just released a ton of new “short run” shirts in a range of basic stripes and checks, which could be used for both professional and casual settings. Chipp also just started a blog, where Paul (the company’s founder) will talk about some of his experiences being in the rag trade for over fifty years now. 

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