Our Beloved Sponsors

September 2, 2015

Our Beloved Sponsors

A quick thanks to our sponsors this month for supporting what we do. Each of them has some new things going on. 

Our first sponsor Ledbury just released some new long-sleeved polos. Designed with a three-button placket, long sleeves, and a chest pocket, they can be worn casually or dressed up underneath a sport coat. Each polo is made from a birdseye pique cotton fabric with a bit of subtle striping. 

Next, The Hanger Project just restocked on some of their shoe care products. Included is their popular Mortimer shoehorn, which is made from oxhorn and available in two sizes (the longer one will prevent you from needing to stoop every time you put on shoes). They also have special cleaning products for suede footwear. 

Chipp Neckwear just added a new novelty necktie to their collection (it’s pictured above in red). Designed with baseball in mind, it comes just in time for the World Series. The motif cleverly translates to: “Five to four; bottom of the fifth; one out; and no one on.” Available in both red and blue (although the blue one has yet to be photographed). 

Gustin has some new jeans coming out for the cooler months. Made from a hefty 18oz Zimbabwe denim, the heavier fabric will not only yield sharper fades, it’ll also keep you warmer during the winter season. 

Lastly, our thanks to Proper Cloth and Private White VC. Proper Cloth has a bunch of new Sea Island Cotton shirts (a luxury-end cotton prized for its softness), as well as some Italian flannels for wear under corduroy and tweed sport coats. Private White VC is also starting to release their fall/ winter collection. Included is waxed cotton shooting coat, made with two oversized bellow pockets, two hand-warmer pockets, and lined in fleece for additional warmth and comfort. The inner drawstring helps give the coat some shape when worn. 

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