Our Beloved Sponsors

October 1, 2015

Our Beloved Sponsors

Fall seems to have suddenly arrived as the cool weather hit hard this past week. Our sponsors have a bunch of new seasonal items in, and we wanted to briefly mention them as we thank them for their support.

Our first sponsor Ledbury just released their fall tailored collection. Included are slim- and classic-fitting sport coats, which have been made in a century-old workshop in Mantova, Italy. The cool weather jackets are constructed from European wools, cottons, and cashmeres.

The Hanger Project is currently taking orders for custom Albert slippers – a old-school style slip-on designed to be worn at home when entertaining guests or to give a casual, relaxed edge to an evening outfit. The shoes will be made by Foster & Son, a leading, 175 year-old bespoke shoemaking firm in London. Available with or without a hand embroidered monogram. 

Although Chipp is most known for their affordable neckties, they also have a program for custom-made suspenders. Each pair is available in twenty-one different solid colors and four stripes. Customers then have the choice of choosing between two colors for the leather kips and two colors for the metal adjusters. The suspenders are hand cut in Chipp’s NYC atelier. 

Next, Gustin has a bunch of projects going on right now for fall weather gear. Included are CPO wool shirt jackets, which are modeled after vintage US naval shirt jackets traditionally found in a chief petty officer’s (CPO) seabag. They also have hefty workboots made from Horween Chromexcel, as well as Italian-made minimalist sneakers constructed from soft Nappa leathers. 

Finally, our thanks to Proper Cloth and Private White VC. Proper Cloth just released their first outerwear collection. Their new Cortina vests are made in Italy, and have the sort of tailored Italian style that’s designed to be worn with everything from dressy trousers to slim chinos. Private White VC is also running a promotion for Buy British Day. Take 15% until Saturday, October 3rd, with the checkout code BUYBRITISH. Note, for US customers, an additional ~20% off will be deducted at checkout for not having to pay European taxes. 

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