Our Beloved Sponsors

May 1, 2013

Our Beloved Sponsors

Here at Put This On, we feel quite fortunate to have companies sponsor our work as an independent menswear blog. So twice a month, we like to give them a special thank you. This month, we have four sponsors to thank.

The first is Cottonwork, a company that provides men with custom-made dress shirts that can be bought over the internet. They have a free starter kit for new customers, which will include a coupon code, some sample fabrics, and a measuring tape. The measuring tape can be used to obtain your own body measurements, which you’ll then submit online. If you’re uncomfortable with providing measurements, you can also send them your best fitting shirt to be copied. Once the cut is determined, Cottonwork has a large range of stylistic details you can choose from, including these eyelet collars you see above, which can be worn for a more retro look.

Our second sponsor is Flint & Tinder, a new company working to build a line of American-produced undergarments for men. Their core product line includes boxers, briefs, boxer-briefs, undershirts, and socks, but they also have a more general shop with products that share their company’s American-made ethos. Flint & Tinder got started off Kickstarter, and last month, they broke a Kickstarter record by raising over a million dollars for a hooded sweatshirt that’s guaranteed to last for a decade (meaning, customers can have a free mending service for the first ten years of the garment’s life).

Next, our third sponsor is Frank Clegg Leatherworks. Frank has been producing leather goods for over forty years, and today, he has a workshop in Fall River, Massachusetts, where he makes a wide range of bags and accessories for both men and women. He sells things such as briefcases made from harness belting leather, which is a kind of vegetable tanned leather that has been treated with extra fat liquors during the conditioning process, and travel bags made from shrunken leather, which is a material that looks like pebble grain, but instead of having the pattern stamped on, the leather is actually shrunk in order to take on its dramatic, textured effect.

Finally, our last sponsor is The Hanger Project, who specializes in high-quality clothing hangers, but also has a wide range of clothing care products and men’s accessories.

So thanks to all four of our sponsors this month for their support. We genuinely appreciate it.

If you want to advertise on Put This On, just email us at contact@putthison.com.

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