Our Beloved Sponsors

February 24, 2017

Our Beloved Sponsors

It’s because of our sponsors that we’re able to bring you content every day, so twice a month, we like to thank them for their support and say a little about what’s going on with them. 

Over at The Hanger Project, you can find some new knitwear – two-ply cashmere sweaters from John Liang, as well as linen knits from Inis Meain. The linen sweaters have a slight spring-back quality to them, which means they breathe like linen shirts, but drape like wool. You can also find some new umbrellas from Mario Talarico, a Neapolitan maker known for his study canopies, single stick constructions, and unique woods. 

Our friends at Proper Cloth just put up some new plaid shirtings this week. Smooth, lightweight, and finely woven in Italy, these come in a range of soft colors – including pale blue, light grey, lavender, and pink. The plaids are tonal and subtle, giving the shirts a casual and modern look. You can use them to dress down suits (the patterns are subtle enough to hold a tie), or wear them on their own with chinos. 

Paul Winston over at Chipp Neckwear continues to offer some of the lowest prices around for neckwear. In addition to his ancient madders for fall and silk Matkas for summer, he also has Italian knit ties you can wear year round. A little floppier and more casual, they designed to be worn with tweed sport coats, linen suits, and navy blazers.

Over at Indigo & Cotton, you can find a bunch of new stuff in the sale section, including Howlin knitwear, Gitman plaid shirts, Randolph Engineering aviator sunglasses, BillyKirk belts, and workwear from the likes of Engineered Garments and OrSlow. They also just got their spring shipment from ts(s), a popular Japanese label known for their takes on vintage Americana, militaria, and outdoor gear. 

Dapper Classics released their spring 2017 socks this week.
The new collection features motif, striped, and patterned designs in
over-the-calf and mid-calf fits. The company also recently
purchased their fourth knitting machine, continuing their commitment to
American manufacturing. The new machine will allow them to knit linked-toe
jacquard designs. Look for new styles later this season.

Finally, our thanks to Wolf vs. Goat. They just made some new tees and henleys, both designed to be lightweight, airy, and breathable. The tees are constructed from Celliant- and Rexcell-wool blends, which give them a smooth and soft hand similar to Tencel. The henleys, meanwhile, are knitted from micro-model and Supima cotton fabrics. All of these help wick moisture, which will leave you feeling cooler and drier on hot days. Prices start at $45, but you can get 20% off if you join their rewards program

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