Our Beloved Sponsors

March 3, 2015

Our Beloved Sponsors

Many thanks to our sponsors this month for their support. 

Our first sponsor Proper Cloth is an online shirtmaker who just got a bunch of new fabrics in. Included are four oxford chambrays from Albini (a high-end Italian mill) and two lighter weight “tropical” chambrays from Portugal. These are fabrics that can be pressed and dressed up to look sharp, or worn slightly wrinkled for a more casual vibe. The tropical chambrays are also very light and airy, which make them breathable on hot summer days. 

Next, as their name suggests, The Hanger Project got their start by selling specialized wooden hangers (ones with moulded shoulders to help maintain your jacket’s shape), but they also sell much more. For example, they have a full shoe care guide on their website, along with almost every shoe care product you can imagine. Those can help you get those high-shine polishes like you see above. 

Chipp is an old American clothier who use to dress men such as John F. Kennedy. These days, they have a custom clothing shop in NYC, but also sell classic men’s accessories online to customers around the world. They just got a full restock on their ancient madder ties (including both the paisley and foulard prints you see above). These are handmade in New York City from the same fabrics as any of the high-end tie producers, but sold at about 1/3rd of the price. 

Gustin has some new projects for this coming spring. Along with their standard raw, selvedge denim jeans (which now come in black and indigo), they also have chinos, lightweight button-up shirts, and t-shirts. The t-shirts are made from organic cotton and – like with much of their line – is produced right here in California. 

Finally, End is a UK shop that specializes in high-end casualwear (they just got a new shipment of stuff in from Beams). Twillory is direct-to-customer shirtmaker that aims to give customers lower prices without middleman mark-ups.

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