Our Beloved Sponsors

November 2, 2015

Our Beloved Sponsors

Our thanks to our beloved sponsors for supporting what we do. As the temperatures drop, each of them have some new things this month to help you get through the cold seasons. 

Our first sponsor Ledbury has a new collection of Scottish-made cashmere hats and scarves. Pictured above is their Loden green scarf, which will nicely complement your overcoats in gray, brown, and navy. Speaking of overcoats, Ledbury has you covered on that end as well. Their new Wembly topcoats are fully-lined, half-canvassed, and constructed from 100% Italian-woven wool. They’re designed to be worn with wool sweaters and flannel trousers on those chilly days. 

Next, The Hanger Project just received a restock on their wool over-the-calf socks, which are finely knitted from merino wool. They also have some cashmere lined, leather gloves from Merola, one of the more famous glove makers in the world. Readers in Canada can take advantage of domestic shipping rates through the Hanger Project’s new Canadian website

For neckwear, Chipp has an assortment of ancient madder ties to complement your tweed sport coats, corduroy jackets, and gray flannel suits. Much like fine suede, the chalky hand and dusty looking finish on madder naturally feels autumnal. 

Meanwhile, over at Gustin, there are some projects up for made-in-USA sweatshirts and plaid flannel button-ups. Prices are always near wholesale-levels because of Gustin’s unique business model. By crowdsourcing production online and selling on a pre-order basis, they cut out middleman and retailer mark-ups.

Lastly, our thanks to Proper Cloth and Private White VC. Proper Cloth is an online made-to-measure shirtmaker, and they just put up a dozen new plaids and several new work checks from Grandi & Rubinelli. Private White VC also just put up some new items from their third-party partners. Included are bags from Bennett Winch, knitwear from Inis Meain, and boots from Chaney. 

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