Our Beloved Sponsors

May 18, 2016

Our Beloved Sponsors

Put This On wouldn’t be possible without the support of our sponsors, so twice a month, we like to give them a special shoutout and say a little about what’s going on with them.

This week, the good folks at Ledbury want to help you get a jump on Father’s Day. Ledbury’s Head Shirt Stylist Alex has some stylish, slimming updates that won’t scare Dad. For the father who likes plaid, Alex recommends the McHenry, a cheerful check for this coming summer. Looking for a more classic option? Try the Mayfield Oxford, available in five different colors. Alex is picking up the pale pink Mayfield for his pops – but keep that between us until June 19!

Our friends over at The Hanger Project are most known for their hangers (they’re flared at the shoulders to help support the shape of your jackets), but they also have the largest online selection of high-end shoe care products. That not only includes cleaners, conditioners, and polishes, but also specialized care products for every type of leather – shell cordovan, suede, nubuck, nappa, patent, Chromexcel, exotics, and of course smooth calf. 

Chipp Neckwear has a bunch of warm weather accessories to go with your cotton and linen sport coats. Their silk Matka ties are slubby and matte, making them pair well with more causal forms of tailoring. Their Shantungs, on the other hand, are a little shinier, which makes them a little more ideal for night. Of course, you can also opt for their affordable silk knit ties. Floppy and lightweight, they exude summer style by nature. 

If you’ve been looking for a vacation shirt without going full-Tommy-Bahama, Gustin has two new projects that might be of interest. There’s a grey Aloha shirt with a playful, Hawaiian theme and then a blue palm leaf print. Both are short sleeved and made to be worn either tucked or untucked with your raw denim or chinos. 

Finally, our thanks to Proper Cloth and Private White VC. Proper Cloth has been getting a bunch of new linen and linen-blend shirt fabrics in, and they just launched a mini-collection around their favorite color (navy). Private White VC, meanwhile, has some new things in from their third-party partners. See their new Bennett Winch bags, Cheaney shoes, and Inis Meain knitwear for examples. 

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