Our Beloved Sponsors

October 15, 2012

Our Beloved Sponsors

Twice a month, we like to thank our beloved sponsors. This month, we have two, Ledbury and Cottonwork, and they both have some interesting things going on for October.  

For Ledbury, a maker of men’s ready-to-wear shirts, October is music month. So in addition to them theming their photo shoots around recording studios and concerts, they’re also working on a steady stream of music-related content for their blog. There you’ll be able read interviews with music acts from Richmond, Virginia (where Ledbury is based), articles about upcoming album releases they’re looking forward to, and lists of their all-time favorite musicians. 

Our other sponsor, Cottonwork, makes men’s custom shirts, and for the next two weeks, they’re discounting their Thomas Mason fabrics 20% with the coupon code PUTTHISON. This will let you experience their workmanship on a decent cloth. They also have cotton/ poly blend fabrics you can try out for $45. The material may not be as refined, but it’ll give you a sense of how well Cottonwork can make a custom shirt for you. You can pick up a free starter kit on their site, which will include a measuring tape, some sample fabric swatches, and a coupon code. Lastly, valid for the rest of the year, know that Cottonwork will give you a 20% store credit rebate if you post a review of their shirts anywhere on the internet. 

So thanks to Ledbury and Cottonwork for supporting Put This On. 

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