Our Beloved Sponsors

April 1, 2015

Our Beloved Sponsors

Twice a month, we like to thank our sponsors for their support, and say a little about what they do. 

One of our oldest sponsors, Ledbury, is back this month. They’re a men’s shirt company based out of Virginia, with dress shirts known for their slightly lowered second button (which will give you a better looking neckline when wearing these open collared). This season, they have some light blue oxfords and warm-weather plaids, as well as a number of bolder designs, such as floral prints and bright, sea-green shirts intended for wear with chinos. 

Meanwhile, The Hanger Project just restocked their felted trouser bar hangers, which can hold onto your trousers without setting in new creases. They also just got in some new sweaters from Inis Meain, including some linen knitwear that will allow you to layer in the spring and summer months without overheating. 

Chipp2 is doing a clear-out sale on some new-old-stock ties. Quantities are limited, so they’ve only advertised them on their Tumblr. Included are some Easter egg ties, as well as a unique motif using the molecular diagram for TNT. Ties are $42.50 plus shipping, and you can place an order by calling Chipp2′s shop in NYC

Next, Gustin has some newly released all-American t-shirts. These are made in the USA from domestically knitted fabrics. The bodies are slightly tapered and the v-neck versions have a neckline that’s not too shallow. Available colors include white, heathered grey, black, light blue, and dusty red. 

Finally, our thanks to Proper Cloth and our newest sponsor, Bernhardt Watch Company. Proper Cloth is an online made-to-measure shirt company and they just got in some new fabrics – subtly puckered seersuckers and some slubby linen-cotton blends (including a linen-cotton oxford). Bernhardt Watch Company is a  North Carolina based, family-owned watch company that aims to offer vintage-styled watches at affordable prices. They have a “Captain’s Watch” and smaller sized 38mm dress watch coming out this week, just in time for Father’s Day and graduation season. 

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