Our Beloved Sponsors

March 4, 2013

Our Beloved Sponsors

We feel quite fortunate to have companies support our independent work as a style blog, so twice a month, we like to give them a special “thank you.“ Our sponsors this month include Cottonwork, The Hanger Project, and Ledbury.

Cottonwork, an online company for custom made-to-measure shirts, just started a referral program. You can now give your friends $10 in store credit, and when each of them make a purchase, you earn $10 in return. They’re also continuing to give free starter kits to anyone who requests them. Inside will be some sample fabrics, a measuring tape, and a discount coupon on your first order. You can use the measuring tape to submit your measurements online, or you can send them your best fitting shirt to copy. Should you want some tweaks made on that shirt – such as asking for the sleeves to be lengthened half an inch – they can do that too. To learn more about how to take advantage of online custom shirt companies, you may want to read part five of my custom shirt series.

Our second sponsor, The Hanger Project, just got a bunch of new products in. Included are boot shoe trees from La Cordonnerie Angalise. They’re expensive, but The Hanger Project is the only company in the United States that has anything like them. They also have some flat waxed-cotton shoe laces, which can be an easy way to change the look of an ordinary pair of shoes, as well as Stark & Sons’ ties. Stark & Sons’ dark blue grenadine was purportedly one of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s favorites. Oh, and of course they continue to sell their flagship product: wooden hangers that are built in a way to best support a jacket’s shoulders and shape while it’s being hung.

Finally, we have Ledbury to thank. They’re continuing to grow into being more than just a shirt company. In addition to their sport coats, ties, and scarves, they just got in their new line of handmade, bridle leather belts. And for the coming spring and summer seasons, they’re expanding their line of warm weather shirts. These include a rather wide range of tattersall check and gingham designs. On my count, I saw at least thirty gingham options, in almost every color and cut imaginable.

So many thanks to our sponsors. We continue to appreciate their support.

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