Our Beloved Sponsors

February 4, 2014

Our Beloved Sponsors

We feel very fortunate to have the sponsors we do. As Imran Amed wrote yesterday, many fashion writers have their opinions neutered by editors who don’t want to piss off advertisers. Our blog allows us to write whatever we want, and the sponsorship of companies makes it financially supportable. So, twice a month, we like to give them a special “thank you.”

Our first sponsor is Ledbury, a company that started off by making men’s dress shirts, but has since expanded into a full menswear line with sport coats, overcoats, sweaters, and accessories. Their shirts are made unique by a slightly lower second button, so that you can wear them casually without a tie and keep a more attractive neckline. The collar is also a bit more robust, so that it won’t collapse underneath your sport coat. These are essentially shirts you can wear with a tie (as the collars points are long enough to not look too wimpy), but also casually without.

Our second sponsor The Hanger Project specializes in high-end wooden hangers – sport coat and suit hangers with wide shoulders to help support your jacket’s shape; trouser hangers with felted bars that won’t put a crease in your pants; and accessory hangers for things such as belts, ties, and scarves. In addition, they carry almost every shoe care accessory one might need, garment care products, and personal care supplies. They even have a category called “Misc. Fantastic Things” in the “Lifestyle Section” … and it’s appropriately named.

Our third sponsor is new to us. Linkson Jack is a UK retailer of fine men’s accessories. They carry workbags, gloves, and pocket squares, as well as oxhorn combs and garment brushes made by one of the finest English producers. Oxhorn combs are better than plastic ones because they don’t have the tiny ridges (made when the different parts are fused together) that can damage your hair. For this month, Linkson Jack is offering 20% off large oxhorn combs, oxhorn backed clothes brushes, and all neckties with the code GOING. The ties (which includes grenadines) are produced by a small workshop in Italy, where they’re handcut and handstitched. You can even order them made bespoke to your needs.

We have two more sponsors to thank – Gustin and Proper Cloth. Gustin does “online crowdsourcing,” most famously for jeans, which allows them to offer lower prices direct to customers. They have two wallet projects right now, one even made from Horween’s famous Chromexcel pull-up leather. Finally, Proper Cloth is an online custom shirt company that has been getting a bit of press in magazines such as GQ. They allow you to pick all the details – cloth, detailing, and style – and they’ll make it to your body’s measurements.

So, many thanks to all our sponsors. We genuinely appreciate their support.

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