Our Beloved Sponsors

September 3, 2013

Our Beloved Sponsors

We want to give a big, warm “thank you” to Cottonwork, Ledbury, The Hanger Project, and Compass Rose Design for sponsoring our site this month.

Cottonwork is a custom shirtmaker that allows you to design and order shirts from home. All you need is their free starter kit, which includes a measuring tape, some sample fabrics, and a coupon code for your first order. Use the measuring tape to get some basic body measurements (I recommend getting three sets of measurements, with the help of different people, and taking the averages), then input those numbers online. You can then select your fabrics and shirt styles, and get a custom shirt to your door a few weeks later. Alternatively, you can also send them your best fitting shirt and have the pattern copied.

Our second sponsor Ledbury also sells shirts, which they offer through two different collections: a “core” collection that stays with them throughout each season, and then a limited run of “short run shirts" that allow them to get more creative with fabrics and styles. Today, they just released their latest short run collection, and it includes the two very autumnal designs you see above (a grey, high-wale corduroy and a fine navy plaid). Like their core collection designs, these feature Ledbury’s signature details: a robust collar that won’t collapse underneath your sport coat, and a slightly lowered second button, which will give you a nicer collar line when you wear your shirt unbuttoned.  

Our third sponsor, The Hanger Project specializes in high-end clothing hangers, but they also carry a wide range of other products. To start, there are shoe care supplies (including Saphir creams and waxes), cedar closet accessories, and some personal care items. They also just got in some La Portegna travel slippers. Those are handmade in Spain using a traditional moccasin construction. They’re very soft and pliable, and are well-suited for use at home, on an airplane, or when you’re abroad at a hotel. (I have a pair myself, and bring them with me whenever I travel.)

Finally, want to thank our last sponsor, Compass Rose Design. They use various vintage items to make men’s and women’s accessories.

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