Our Beloved Sponsors

February 1, 2013

Our Beloved Sponsors

We write our site out of a love for classic men’s style, but it’s nice when companies come and support what we do. So, we’d like to take the time to thank our three sponsors this month.

The first is The Hanger Project, who is a new sponsor for us. They sell luxury-end hangers that are designed to fit suits and sport coats better. These hangers imitate a man’s natural build by having wider and more curved shoulders, and they come in a wide variety of sizes, so they actually fit the garments they’re intended for. The Hanger Project has taken this "different fits for different men" approach and applied it other items. Their Palatino Socks, for example, come in seven different sizes. In addition, they sell Saphir shoe care products (including Saphir’s Gold Medal line), garment brushes, professional irons, and just about any other accessory or garment care product you can think of.

Our second sponsor is Ledbury, who started off making men’s dress shirts but now make a full line of men’s clothing. Their shirts come in two lines – a “core” collection that stays with them throughout each season, and then a limited edition run of shirts called their “short runs.” These short runs allow Ledbury to get more creative with fabrics, collars, and styles, but they still feature the company’s signature robust collar (which won’t collapse underneath your sport coat) and lower placed second button (which will allow you to wear their shirts casually without having to unbutton them too low). This week, they introduced four short run designs, including the soft grey herringbone and navy/ salmon check you see above. Both can be worn year-round in casual settings.

Finally, our last sponsor is Compass Rose Design, who specializes in making men’s and women’s accessories out of vintage items. After a bit of antiquing last month, and making a new contact at the Texas Nail Collectors Association (yes, that exists), they’ve been able to restock their railroad date nail cufflinks. As a special Valentine’s Day promotion, they’re offering our readers a 20% off discount with the checkout code WELLDRESSED. The promotion ends February 14th.

So, many thanks to all three companies for supporting us this month. We genuinely appreciate it.

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