Our Beloved Sponsors

July 3, 2013

Our Beloved Sponsors

We’d like to take a quick moment to thank our sponsors this month.

The first is Cottonwork, an online maker of custom shirts. All you need before you order is a measuring tape and some sample fabrics, which they’re happy to send to you for free. You can then either submit your body measurements on their website or send them your best fitting shirt to have copied. Once they have your pattern down, you can then select all the stylistic details for your custom shirt (collar and cuff style, fabric, fit, etc). They even have an online interface that lets you see what your shirt might look like as you build it. A short time later, your shirt arrives at your door, and then future orders can be quickly placed by just going off of the cut of your previous order. 

Our second sponsor is The Hanger Project. As their name implies, they specialize in high-end wooden hangers, each of which are designed to best support the garments they were intended for. They sell much more than hangers though. They have things such as Saphir shoe polishes, garment brushes, and cedar closet accessories. Cedar is particularly useful in a closet since it’s a natural way to protect clothes from moths. It helps mask the scent of things moths are attracted to (like bits of food that have fallen on your clothes), thus helping ensure that your clothes won’t get damaged from moth holes. 

Next is Frank Clegg Leatherworks. Frank has been producing leather goods for over forty years, and today, he has a workshop in Fall River, Massachusetts, where he makes a wide range of bags and accessories for both men and women. You can see him at work making a bag from start to finish in a film posted today at CRAFT. Frank and his team are also going to be exhibiting the Liberty Fairs trade show on July 22nd and 23rd. The show will be held at 82 Mercer Street in New York City. If you’re in the area and can get tickets, stop by and say hello.

Finally, our last sponsor is Compass Rose Design, a company that turns vintage items into various accessories for men and women.

So thanks to all four of our sponsors for their support. We genuinely appreciate it. 

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