Our Beloved Sponsors

November 1, 2012

Our Beloved Sponsors

We’d like to thank our two sponsors for continuing to support us this month. Our first sponsor, Ledbury, is primarily known for their workweek-friendly styles, but recently, they’ve delved into more casual shirting for fall. Each of their three new flannel shirts (The HowardGriffin & Burke) and two brushed cottons (The Callan in blue and brown) are made from soft Italian fabrics and feature a shortened tail, thus allowing them to be easily worn untucked. Also, Anderson Cooper was recently spotted wearing one of their new casual styles (the Allen Plaid) on The First 15.

Our second sponsor, Cottonwork, also makes men’s shirts, but on the custom made-to-measure side. One of the nice things about their company is that they can copy any existing shirt you have. So say you have a perfectly fitting shirt, but wish it were made from a linen or an oxford cloth, or perhaps you want a different collar style. Just send them your shirt with instructions, and they’ll make whatever you need. The same can done if you just want the sleeves lengthened or torso made a bit fuller (both things that you can’t do through an alterations tailor). This is a nice way to make small tweaks to your existing items without having to submit self-measurements. 

So thanks to Ledbury and Cottonwork for their continued support! Their sponsorship helps us bring you our blog content each and every day. 

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