Our Beloved Sponsors

January 16, 2015

Our Beloved Sponsors

We’re fortunate to have sponsors as an independent menswear blog, so twice a month, we like to thank them for their support.

Our first sponsor this month is Proper Cloth, an online shirtmaker that’s bridging the gap between ready-to-wear and custom clothing. On the one hand, they have pre-designed shirts that they can build according to your body measurements (thus taking all the guesswork out of design). On the other hand, they can also make you a totally new and unique shirt according to your specifications. 

Next, The Hanger Project is having a big sale on socks. These were made by Palentino, a luxury Italian maker that’s produced for brands such as Tom Ford and Paul Stuart. Prices at The Hanger Project are pretty marked down at the moment. Cotton mid-calf socks, for example, are going for $5 (down from $30). 

Chipp Neckwear is also having something of a sale. They’re moving offices, and in the move, are offloading a bunch of odds-and-ends. The raw silk summer jacket you see above, for example, is a size 42R and being offered for $400 (down from an original price of $1,750). The plain front, whipcord trousers are sized 34 and going for $100 (down from $500). You can contact them to see what’s in your size. 

Next, Gustin just released some flannel-lined trucker jackets made from waxed cotton canvas. The waxed treatment not only makes the jacket a little more weather resistant, but it’ll also give the it a unique look as it ages over time.

Finally, our thanks to End and Twillory. End just started a new promotion, where you can take an additional 15% off all orders (including already marked down sale items) with the checkout code ALLGONE. Twillory is an online shirtmaker with a Re:Purpose program, where you can donate gently used shirts to CareerGear. The shirts will go to jobless and homeless people in need, and Twillory will take care of all the shipping. 

If you want to advertise on Put This On, just email us at contact@putthison.com.

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