Our Beloved Sponsors

December 15, 2017

Our Beloved Sponsors

We’re thankful as an independent menswear blog to have sponsors supporting our work. So, twice a month, we like to give them a special shoutout.

Just in time for winter, The Hanger Project has some new gloves from Lavabre Cadet, a storied French maker that specializes in high-end leather dress gloves. They do a lot of work for haute couture and luxury houses, and are known for their finely executed, handsewn seams and soft leathers (which include kidskin, a rare leather). The Hanger Project also gets their gloves made with quarks, small gussets that are handset in-between each finger in order to aid movement. You can see a video about Lavabre Cadet’s construction at The Hanger Project’s YouTube channel.

For winter layering, Proper Cloth has a wide range of Italian-made sweaters. Some of them are the basic, solid-colored crewnecks and v-necks you can layer under sport coats for warmth, but they also have some heavily textured knitwear that can be worn on their own — Donegal-styled Arans, chunky turtlenecks, and unique basket-stitched styles. Some of these are merino- and lambswool-blends that have been mixed with cashmere, giving you a sturdier sweater with just a touch of softness (while remaining relatively affordable).

Novelty ties can be tricky, but if there’s ever a time to wear something with a sense of humor, it’s the holidays. During the heydays of the Ivy Style era, Chipp was famous for their cleverly designed ties with hidden messages. Their Christmas ties, for example, feature Santa doing some,slightly inappropriate things – such as him mooning your viewer, peeing down a chimney, and … ahem … showing his heart-on. Maybe not something you want to wear in front of grandma, but a conversation starter at a friend’s Christmas party.


Dapper Classics is holding a trouser sale today (their last one for the year). Take 25% off all trousers with the checkout code HT17. These are made in New York City by one of the best trouser factories in the world, using high-end fabrics often reserved for bespoke tailoring. Light and mid-grays will always be your most versatile colors, although tan is also good. Navy is useful if you have lighter colored jackets and want a more modern look. For the holidays, Dapper Classics also has some Christmas-themed socks, which are also on sale at the moment.

Huckberry has a constantly revolving inventory of classically styled, outdoor clothing and accessories, often at lower prices than what you’d find elsewhere. This week, they have some new bags from Topo Designs, which are inspired by French mountaineering gear and retro 1970s American hiking packs. Their casual, rugged style makes them natural accompaniments to workwear and the sort of Rugged Ivy style we’ve written about in the past. For the women in your life, you can browse their new gift guides – Gifts for Her and Stocking Stuffers for Her. Orders placed before Tuesday, December 19th have a guaranteed Christmas Eve delivery.

Finally, our thanks to Twillory. They’re holding a holiday sale right now (their best prices ever). Get two shirts for $89 with the checkout code SAVE2; four shirts for $169 with the code SAVE4; and five shirts for just $199 with the code SAVE5. Their shirts are slim fit and come in a range of basic and slightly quirkier fabrics. Shipping and returns are free, which makes trying out something easy.

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