Our Beloved Sponsors

December 2, 2013

Our Beloved Sponsors

We’re very lucky to have five sponsors this month (a new one for us is Gustin), so we’d like to give each of them a special “thank you.” Our first sponsor Ledbury is having a Cyber Monday sale today – 25% taken off on literally everything in their store. That not only includes their shirts, but also sport coats, overcoats, sweaters, and various men’s accessories. The sport coats are made in Italy, from Italian fabrics, and are either half- or fully-canvassed (it depends on the exact model). Knitwear is also made in Italy (from Scottish wool and cashmere) and they have styles about as varied as you can imagine – toggle closures, shawl collars, mock necks, crewnecks, and v-necks are available.

Our second sponsor The Hanger Project is also doing a Cyber Monday sale. The “first generation” of their sweater hanger has been discounted by 50%. These were made before they added flocking, and would be good for shirts or polos. They’re also taking up to 50% off things such as Castle Forbes shaving products, Stark & Sons ties, Codis Maya cufflinks, Felisi garment bags, and Abbeyhorn carving sets. Add to that an additional 10% discount on all orders over $250, 15% discount on all orders over $1,000, and free shipping on all orders over $500.

Our third sponsor Frank Clegg Leatherworks doesn’t have a Cyber Monday sale, but they do have some interesting developments. One of their first bags made in collaboration with Michael Bastian just got designed (it’s the green American briefcase you see above), and they’ve been making creative belts with vintage fabrics for General Knot & Co. They’ve also got something in works with LeatherSoul (a high end shoe retailer), and Babson Magazine just released a video interview they did with Frank, where they talk to him about how he got started in his trade.

We also want to thank Gustin and Compass Rose Design for their support. Gustin crowdsources American-made clothes in order to offer consumers more value, and though they’re most known for their jeans, they also have campaigns right now for Japanese shirts and some leather goods. Lastly, Compass Rose Design makes creative men’s and women’s accessories out of vintage items such as old trolley tokens and railroad date nails.

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