Our Beloved Sponsors

December 28, 2017

Our Beloved Sponsors

We’ve had a great year at Put This On, and we’re excited to bring you more content in 2018. This year, we added a new contributor (Richard), and we’re aiming for a site redesign in the next month or two. All this has been possible thanks to our sponsors. So, before the year closes out, we’d like to give them a special shoutout and update readers on our sponsors’ happenings.

There’s only one tie for black tie events: a black bow tie. The Hanger Project just released a new range of them. Skillfully handsewn in Paris, using soft silk fabrics, they’re available in nearly a dozen styles — diamond points, batwings, butterflies, etc. This is the tie you need if you’re wearing a tuxedo, but a black bow tie can be even used to dress up a dark worsted suit. You can wear one with a navy suit, white shirt, white pocket square, and black oxford shoes for special occasions, such as the New Year’s Eve party coming up.

Proper Cloth just added some new cotton-cashmere blend shirts this week. They’re woven in Italy as part of the Thomas Mason collection, a brand for exceptionally high-end shirt fabrics, and the 15% cashmere mixture adds a bit of softness to that Supima cotton yarn. Aside from being wildly soft, they’re also warmer and more refined than your traditional cotton flannels. With New Year’s Eve coming up, Proper Cloth also has nice guide on how to choose the right tuxedo shirt.

If you’ve been thinking about picking up a Chipp tie, now is the time. The cost of silk is increasing, which means Chipp has to raise the prices on their grenadine and ancient madder neckties soon. The new price has yet to be determined, but the change is coming mid-January (current prices will be honored until then). We’ve said it before, but a navy grenadine is one of the most useful neckties you can own. It adds visual interest to solid colored sport coats, while remaining neutral enough to not clash with patterns. Black, burgundy, and dark green are also useful, although Chipp has them in every color under the sun. The ancient madder ties, meanwhile, can be worn with tweed sport coats and flannel suits in the fall and winter months.

Today is the last day for Dapper Classics’ end-of-year sale. Customers can save an additional 25% on already marked down items in the sale section by using the checkout code YES17. There are a ton of Dapper Classics’ signature socks in there. These are made in the USA using fine cottons and wools, and have handlinked toes for comfort. The cottons are unique in that they’re made with an open weave, which makes them breathable in the warmer months, but also very durable.

Huckberry is also having a clearance sale, where you can find select items discounted as much as 60% off. There’s a ton of stuff here from coveted brands — Taylor Stitch denim shirts, Snowpeak fleece jackets, Corridor field jackets, Raleigh Denim jeans, Rancourt moccasins, Patagonia bags, and a whole lot more. There are also a bunch of handsome watches here if you want something better than your basic Timex, but don’t want to spend four figures.

Finally, our thanks to Twillory. Their current end-of-season promotion runs through New Years, then prices go back up. For the moment, you can pick up four dress shirts for $179 or five for $209, bringing the price of each as low as $42.

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