Relaxing On New Year’s Day

January 1, 2015

Relaxing on New Year’s Day

After a long night out in a coat-and-tie, New Year’s Day calls for some lounging. What I’m wearing today:

  • Fawn Flannel Trousers: Arguably the third best color for flannel trousers, after light- and mid-gray. Think of them as khaki chinos, but in a better looking (and more comfortable) material. The ones above were made by Steed, but you can also find them at Howard Yount.
  • Chunky Shawl Collar Cardigan: Knitwear doesn’t always have to be sandwiched between your jacket and shirt. If you get a cardigan that’s chunky enough, you can treat it like outerwear. Layer one over a dress shirt or a thin sweater. My cardigan is from Ovadia & Sons, who has it in black and green this season. You can also find some from Scott & Charters (available at three different stores), Northern Waters, Black Sheep, and The Armoury
  • Turtleneck: Works better on some men than others, and I’m not always even sure it works well on me, but it’s a cold New Year’s Day and I feel brave. Mine is a charcoal piece from Ballantyne, a Scottish maker that’s sadly now defunct as a manufacturer and exists in name only. You can find other nice turtlenecks, however, at A Suitable Wardrobe and Ralph Lauren.
  • (Unseen) Black Chukkas: I’m wearing a pretty simple pair of black chukkas today, but the above has me lusting after some George boots. Shipton & Heneage has a relatively affordably priced model. If it were warmer, you could also wear the above with some black penny loafers. 

In soft flannels and wools, I’m loungin’, loungin’, mellow out and just loungin’.