Sale On Dapper Classics’ Hopsack Trousers

September 18, 2019

Dapper Classics is having a sale on their hopsack trousers until the end of tomorrow. They’re a sponsor on our site, but we’re also a genuine fan of the company — especially the trousers. Most pants today fall into one of two categories. On one end, you have mass-manufactured pants sold at the mall, such as J. Crew’s. Then there are Italian-made pants that often retail for $400, sometimes reaching $900 (yes, for ready-to-wear pants). Dapper Classics is one of the few options that sit between these two worlds. Their pants manufactured in New York City, have a split curtain waistband, come with an unfinished hem, and produced from top-end fabrics. They also retail for between $150 and $250, depending on the material.

The hopsack selection this week can be had for 40% off with the checkout code, putting them at just a little under $150. That’s a great deal.

For those unfamiliar, hopsack is a type of plain weave. That means it’s woven in a tic-tac-toe pattern, rather than diagonal ribs that you see on twill (e.g. denim). Plain weaves are more breathable than their twill counterparts, which make these good for at least three seasons out of the year — four if you live in a temperate climate. Dapper Classics used a Super 130s hopsack, which means the yarn is a little finer, silkier, and smoother to the touch. Get the pearl grey or mid-gray versions if you want something you can easily wear with sport coats. The blue will be good if you want to wear something in a slightly more modern looking tailored outfit. Or if you plan to wear this with casualwear (e.g. sweaters and loafers).

Lastly, since it’s election season, it’s worth noting that the company just restocked on their Republican and Democrat themed socks. These are knitted in North Carolina and made from mercerized cotton yarns, which makes them smoother, silkier, and much more durable than cheaper cotton varieties. I bought a pair earlier this season and love ’em. Whatever your politics, we can at least all agree that better-made socks are much more comfortable to wear throughout the day.

Note: Dapper Classics is a sponsor on this site, but this isn’t a sponsored post. As you already know, we don’t do those