The Great English Outdoors

May 16, 2011

The Great English Outdoors

So after my post about that 1786 Russian leather, some of you apparently bought the wallets I mentioned. The Great English Outdoors, the company I linked to, contacted me and said they wanted to send me a small thank you package, as a token of their appreciation.

Well it arrived over the weekend and inside was a shoe horn and key fob made from the Russian leather I talked about. The shorn horn is amazing, but I have to say – I’m really, really excited about this Russian leather key fob. I mean, I’m now carrying something in my pocket that is almost as old as America (and two years older than our Constitution)! How cool is that? 

I think this would make for a cool gift for anyone who loves a good story. Seriously, talk about a conversation piece. 

Oh, and they also have an English leather fob with a staghead on it. A few friends of mine run Stag Dining, a clandestine dining group in San Francisco. I’m going to try to convince all the guys to get one.