Ten Great Sneakers For Spring

March 26, 2015

Ten Great Sneakers for Spring

I love hard bottom shoes, but spring is a great time to wear sneakers. You can pair them with most casual clothes and they require very little maintenance. Best of all, many of the classic models are fairly affordable (e.g. Chuck Taylor All Stars, Vans Authentics, and the original German Army Trainers).

If you’re looking to expand your sneaker wardrobe a bit, here are a few I’ve been eyeing. Some are on the expensive side (such as the Spalwarts), while others are reasonably priced straight-from-the-go. From mainstream lines to niche labels, here are ten great sneakers for spring.

  1. Minimalist Adidas: Sick of high-end brands copying their shoes, Adidas now has their own line of minimalist sneakers. This season’s Stan Smiths are available in all white as a special collaboration design with Hyke, as well as a premium model made in Germany. The original Rod Lavers have also gone through a redesign.
  2. Adidas Adistar Racer: A sleek, retro running shoe made from a combination of nylon underlays and suede overlays. Hard to find in the US, but you can snag a pair on eBay.
  3. Nike Dunk Lux Highs: A little more streamlined than the original Dunk Highs, these are made from better materials and feature quilted interior stitching. Available in all leather or with suede accents.
  4. Nike Internationalist: Another plug for Nike’s Internationalist from our last sneaker roundup. I like the low tops at size?, Oi Polloi, and Nike’s webshop.
  5. New Balance Deconstructed 696:pared down version of the company’s 996 model, this features suede uppers and perforated accents. ETQ Amsterdam also makes something vaguely similar, which you can find at Opumo, Need Supply, and our advertiser End.
  6. New Balance C-Series 600: For guys like me, who like workout clothes more than they like actually working out, New Balance has urban cycling shoes with reflective detailing. Tokyobike and Bows & Arrows have additional pictures.
  7. John Lofgren: Japanese canvas low-tops built on a unique, chunky sole. Wear these with the kind of jackets and jeans you see at Self Edge and Blue in Green.
  8. Butteros: Minimalist leather sneakers with slightly playful detailing. You can find them at No Man Walks Alone, Opumo, and our advertiser End.
  9. Spalwart: Swedish trail shoes with quirky soles. Available at Barney’s and Carson Street Clothiers.
  10. Picasso Babe: Sad you missed out on the Yeezys? Consider having this Etsy seller knit you a pair.