Ten Things I’d Buy On Sale At Paul Stuart
(If I Were A Man Of Leisure)

January 19, 2017

Ten Things I’d Buy On Sale at Paul Stuart<br />(If I Were A Man of Leisure)

One of my favorite stores in the world is Paul Stuart. If you’ve never been – they have outlets in a few big cities in the US, along with a number in Japan – it’s a bit like Brooks Brothers, if Brooks Brothers were more, I guess… elegant. If Brooks Brothers had elan. Traditional Anglo-American clothes in rich, earthy colors, with bold patterns and styles that never leave behind their roots.

Paul Stuart is in the midst of its after-Christmas sale, and I spent an hour this morning fantasizing about being the kind of guy who wears this stuff all the time. I suppose I would work in some kind of stylish bank? Or as a country lawyer to the stars? If I remember correctly, this gentleman is in the pharmaceutical industry. Frankly, I’d be more likely to work in a different part of the drug business, so I may never reach his heights.

Still, I can browse and dream.

I’d probably wear suits like this windowpane three-piece to the office ($799 from $1684). Boldly patterned, boldly styled, but still gray. A navy and white grenadine like this would compliment that look well ($79.80 from $149.50). Serious business, but seriously stylish.

Actually, there are a lot of neckties in the sale I’d love to own. This knit ($39.90 from $89.50) looks like it would be perfect with a blue flannel blazer I’ve got. Knits go well with the Paul Stuart look – like you’ve owned something ridiculous forever and basically wear it like sweatpants. Probably my favorite is this corduroy bowtie ($39.90 from $89.50). Corduroy now, corduroy forever.

This invasion of style might be well complimented with a pocket square ($47.80 from $79.50) featuring what appears to be a member of the Mongol Horde. If I’m going to get involved in a land war in Asia, I’ll need country clothes, too. Like this three-piece suit ($951.80 from $1984) in an appealing brown houndstooth. And of course it will get cold – we should add this beautiful overcoat ($759.80 from $1384) and a wool-blend overshirt ($239.80 from $487) for casual raids.

And of course I’ll need shoes. How about an elegantly chiseled pair of loafers ($260.60 from $648)? Or perhaps a completely ridiculous(ly beautiful) pair of boots ($316.60 from $628)?

That should do it. Well, I’m off.

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