The Official List Of Shoe Care Essentials

April 6, 2017

The Official List of Shoe Care Essentials

1. Shoes. Hopefully nice ones. 

2. Shoe polish or wax. Meltonian was discontinued last year, so if you’re looking for replacements, try Kiwi or Saphir. Bespoke shoemaker Nicholas Templeman says he uses the latter because it comes in a billion colors. “Waxes will shine up better than creams,” he adds. 

3. Two shoe brushes. One dauber; one polishing brush. If you’re mixing colors, just wash the dauber out with hot water and soap afterwards. 

4. Leather conditioner and cleaner. 

5. Edge stain. If you like a more natural grain look, use wax polish instead. 

6. Shoe trees. 

7. Snacks. Ideally something you don’t have to handle with your dirty hands. Trail mix that you can pour into your mouth = A++. 

8. Paper towel. For snack clean up. 

9. Chair. ‘Cause it’s hard to polish shoes when you’re standing up. 

10. Pet companion. Bonus points if they’re adopted from a shelter. 

(photo via Ryan, our illustrator)

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