They’re On Sale: Fine Men’s Accessories

September 5, 2012

They’re On Sale: Fine Men’s Accessories

Two excellent sellers of fine men’s accessories are running sales right now.

The first is Linkson Jack, who is giving a 10% discount on ox horn accessories, belts, and ties with the discount code TENG+. Leather portfolios can also be had for 15% off with the code FIFTEENG+. That puts this ox horn comb at $18 and ox horn brush at $54 (once you discount for European taxes). Ox horn combs have an advantage over plastic ones in that they’re less damaging to your hair, don’t carry static, and are simply just better looking. You can read an article I wrote about them here

Note that Linkson Jack always includes free worldwide shipping, but their coupon codes end Sunday night (London time). 

The second is Exquisite Trimmings. Though it’s not technically a sale, they just added free worldwide shipping and VAT discounts for anyone outside the EU. VAT, as you probably know by now, is the ~20% tax included in the listed price on most Western European goods. Some stores discount that for non-European customers, but some don’t. Exquisite Trimmings just moved themselves into the first camp, which is nice. They carry ties, pocket squares, and cufflinks by some of the world’s best makers, such as EG Cappelli and Rubinacci. Shaya, the proprietor of the company, tells me that he has a stock of Drake’s accessories coming in soon as well.