Three Good Sales Right Now

December 22, 2020

Three Good Sales Right Now

As we head into Christmas, a few of our favorite stores are holding promotions.

The first promotion is at The Bloke, which is a Pasadena-based shop that sadly had to close recently due to COVID-19. The shop sat at the intersection of traditional British aesthetics and Ivy Style, with a dash of 1960s Mod culture for good measure. Back when it was open, it was a favorite of guys who obsessed over things such as Alden shoes, button-down collars, and old Blue Note records. Unfortunately, the pressure of mass shutdowns was too much and they had to close their Pasadena brick-and-mortar location earlier this year.

At the moment, they’re clearing out what’s left of their inventory online. On their site, you can find Ring Jacket tailoring starting around $785. My guess is that these are made in Ring Jacket’s 184 cut, which has become something of their house style. They have a soft shoulder, trim body, and slightly shorter length, which makes them better suited to guys who like a more youthful take on classic tailoring. The Bloke also has Kelim slippers starting at $195, Drake’s oxford button-downs at $175, Rowing Blazers rugbys at $170, and Sanders suede derbies for just $195. These brushed Harley Shetland sweaters ($185) are warm and will add a nice visual touch to any outfit. For whenever we can safely travel again, you can travel in style with these Draper of Glastonbury leather slippers ($90).


Dapper Classics is a sponsor on this site, but also one of my favorite sources for dress socks. On paper, they check many of the boxes for what constitutes a quality sock: made in the United States at a family-owned mill, available in over-the-calf lengths, and come with a hand-linked toe, which requires a level of labor that suggests the manufacturer didn’t skimp on the materials.

But those specs don’t really tell the whole story, and it’s hard to convey what makes Dapper Classics’ socks special without having worn them. At the most basic level, I find they compare well with top-tier European names such as Marcoliani and Bresciani. Except, whereas those socks retail for about $35, Dapper Classics’ are more affordable at $25 or so. I also find they excel in certain categories. Their cotton socks are airier and more breathable; their patterns hold up better in the wash. Whereas some of my patterned socks have gotten fuzzier over time, my patterned socks from Dapper Classics somehow stay looking new.

Today, Dapper Classics is doing their biggest sale ever: $10 off all over-the-calf socks, which drops them down from $25 to $15. That’s better than their 30% off Black Friday/ Cyber Monday deals. The discount is automatically applied at checkout, so there’s no code needed.

I recommend starting with the basics. Over-the-calf merino wool socks in navy can be worn with just about anything — grey trousers, tan whipcords, khaki chinos, suits in any variety, etc. They can be worn almost year-round except for the hottest of days. For the warmer months, grab a couple of socks in mercerized cotton. They are exceptional, trust me. If you have some extra space in your wardrobe, add a few pairs in conservative patterns: navy pindot, grey herringbone, blue nailhead, etc. I also like wearing Dapper Classics’ flag-motif socks on election days and the Fourth of July.


Lastly, this isn’t really a sale, but it might as well be. All Blues Company is a Leeds-based menswear shop specializing in workwear, Americana, and heritage styled clothing. They’re also one of the last stores on the planet, seemingly, that still focuses on that rapidly diminishing middle tier of menswear: clothes that are well made but don’t cost a billion dollars.

I love that All Blues Company carries lesser-known South Korean labels such as Uniform Bridge, Outstanding Co., and FrizmWORKS. This season, they have the goose down FrizmWORKS parka you see above, which is modeled after Eddie Bauer’s famous Kara Koram parka, a grail piece for vintage collectors. The Kara Koram parka was originally designed in the early 1950s for an American expedition team of eight mountaineers, who wanted a special, insulating parka to keep them warm as they ascended the second-highest mountain on earth. That parka later became an American classic.

The FrizmWORKS reproduction is made with an 80/20 mix of goose down to feather, which is a surprisingly good ratio for a $450 coat. I love the classic style and how well it goes with chunky sweaters and jeans. It’s available this season in orange, black, and olive (all excellent choices and I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the colors). The only catch is that you have to message them on Instagram to order, as All Blues Co. doesn’t have an online shop. For $450, you could hardly get a better down parka.