Three Great Sales This Weekend

May 4, 2018

American Trench is holding their biggest sale ever. There’s a ton of new and old-season stock marked down as much as 65% off. Included are the company’s raincoats, which are made from a soft, technical fabric known as Ventile — once used for British military uniforms during WWII. Unlike other weatherproof fabrics, Ventile doesn’t “look” like rain gear — it’s an uncoated fabric, moves quietly, and basically looks like regular cotton in normal conditions. When it gets wet, however, its fibers expand, making the weave so tight it becomes water resistant. American Trench’s raincoats have been marked down from $850 to $395.

Other great deals include the things you see above: raw denim trucker jackets ($95); enzyme-washed twill button-downs ($55); and wheat-colored jeans ($75). Lastly, although they’re not included in the sale, I just want to plug these wool Donegal-style boot socks. The ochre color is sold out, but charcoal is more versatile anyway. I bought a few pairs at the beginning of this year and love ’em. They’re supremely comfortable, stay up on your leg, and just look great.


Dapper Classics, a sponsor on this site, is mostly known for their socks, but they’re also one of our favorite sources for tailored trousers. They’re made in NYC by Hertling (which, good news, is continuing operations). The quality is exceptional and the fit is slim without being skinny, classic without being frumpy. Pete reviewed them a couple of months ago as part of his flannel trouser roundup.

This weekend, to celebrate the derby races, they’ve discounted their entire range of trousers, shirts, and ties by 20% (use the code TRI18 at checkout). In the trouser range, you can find summer staples such as Fresco wool, which is a type of high-twist, open-weave wool fabric that allows body heat to easily escape (and wind to blow through while remaining modest). High-twist means the yarns have been twisted a bit more than usual, allowing the fabric to resist wrinkles. For this reason, guys who get custom clothes made often use Fresco for travel suits.

The best deals are probably the shirts — if you can find your size. These are made by Gitman and come in a range of basic whites and light blues for the office, as well as chambray. They’ve already been discounted from about $150 to $90. Using the coupon code brings them further to about $70.



Lastly, The Shoe Mart just put up a new shipment of Alden factory seconds — an industry term for shoes that didn’t pass quality controls. For Alden, that usually means a small nick on the uppers or less-than-perfect welt stitch. If you’re willing to put up with some minor imperfections, you can get Alden shoes for about 35% off.

To see the online selection of factory seconds, you need a special account with The Shoe Mart, but obtaining one is fairly easy. We have instructions here.