Three Places To Get Discounted Aldens

August 9, 2019

There was a time when it was almost impossible to find Aldens on sale. In the past, if a store discounted Alden’s shoes, the Massachusetts-based brand would cut them off. Which meant that, for the most part, the only way you could get marked-down Aldens was if the store was already discounting the line or marking down their own exclusive make-ups (so no mainline Aldens).

At the moment you can find Aldens on sale at three places. The first is Unionmade, where you can take 30% off anything with the checkout code WOW30. The Alden stock is somewhat limited in terms of sizing, but it includes some of my favorite models. There are the unlined suede chukkas (which wear like slippers), black tassel loafers (also available in brown suede), and shell cordovan boots (good with almost anything Americana and workwear). Note, all sales are final.

You can also find Aldens on sale at Ben Silver. Their selection is a little wider, although sizing is still fairly limited (as usual for discount shopping). I like the Indy boots, available in two colors, and the black tassel loafers. Don’t forget the Crockett & Jones chukkas and penny loafers, as well as the RM Williams Chelsea boots (they make the best ones, I think). There are some good Shetland sweaters on sale too.

Lastly, the discounts aren’t as good, but Brooks Brothers is still clearing out the last of their Alden stock. The most notable models include their exclusive loafers, such as their tassel loafers (which feature foxing at the back, whereas mainline Alden tassels have a plain heel cup) and unlined shell cordovan handsewn pennies. You can mostly tell which shoes are made by Alden because they’ll say “made in the USA.”

As for eagle-eyed readers who see the lead photo in this post and say “hey, those aren’t Aldens! Those are Crockett & Jones!,” I respond to you: look, do you want marked-down Aldens or not? I tried to find the best photo possible from these three stores and that was on Ben Silver’s Instagram.