Trousers, Briefcases, And More On Sale

April 1, 2020

It’s a law of menswear physics that expensive things only get more expensive. These days, it’s not hard to come across shirts that retail for above $200, trousers for $300, and outerwear stretching into the thousands.

This is one of the reasons why we like Dapper Classics (a sponsor on this site, but we’re also genuine fans). For years now, they’ve been one of the few places where you can get quality trousers for about $200, depending on the material. These are made in New York City at the famous Hertling factory, and they’re cut and sewn using quality materials. They also come in a good cut: slim, but not skinny, with a mid-rise. When we compared five flannel trousers a couple of years ago, Dapper Classics came out on top.

From now until Thursday, you can knock 20% off any order with the checkout code SAVE20. That brings the grey year-round hopsacks down to $196, grey Fresco trousers to $156, and tan linens to just $92.

I’m also a big fan of their socks. Having worn them for about five or six years now, I find they compare well to European names such as Marcoliani and Bresciani. With wool socks, the main difference is that these are made in the USA at a family-owned factory, and are often a little cheaper because retailers don’t have to pay import taxes. But when it comes to cotton socks, I find Dapper Classics actually excels. Luxury cotton socks can sometimes feel silky smooth, but they disintegrate within a year. Cheaper socks, such as Gold Toe, are more durable, but not terribly comfortable. Dapper Classics’ cotton socks are like Goldilocks, in that regard. They ride the line when it comes to comfort and durability, and have a breathable weave without being sheer. I like them best in solid navy.

The promo code also applies to already-discounted items in the sale section. This Italian-made, black leather briefcase originally retailed for $400. With the current promotion, it comes down to a remarkable $108. It’s hard to find quality canvas bags nowadays at that price.