Lissom + Muster Closing Out Sale

September 19, 2018

It’s been a hard few years for menswear retailing, and we’re sad to see another quality company go. After eight years of selling British-made clothes, Lissom + Muster is closing up shop. Their press release says they have some new and exciting developments in the works, however, so we’re looking forward to seeing what comes next.

In the meantime, they’re clearing out all of their remaining stock on their website. Past samples and remnants of previous collections will also be put on sale in the coming weeks.

Lissom + Muster mostly specializes in what could be described as contemporary-classic basics — not heavy, fusty tweeds, but things such as well-made merinos and plain derbies sold alongside fancy ceramics and plush blankets. The available stock now is kind of trim, but I like the John Smedley crewnecks (mostly under sport coats), Chester Jefferies silk-lined dress gloves (not as insulating as cashmere-lined, but also a little more form fitting), and Cherchbi English bridle leather belts (good with chinos).

Lissom + Muster also has some Alfred-Sargent-made footwaer, including brown, pebble grained wingtips and plain black derbies. The second requires a slightly more directional look — otherwise, you will look like an office drone — but I like plain black derbies with things such as trim trousers and topcoats, or the Shetland you see pictured above. See these old posts on how to wear black casual shoes.