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February 15, 2019

Twice a month, we like to give our sponsors a special shoutout. Doing so allows us to thank them for their support, as well as update our readers on our sponsors’ latest happenings.

Winter sales are in full swing and The Hanger Project has dropped prices on select sweaters and accessories. That includes scarves from Begg, one of Scotland’s premier makers. Their cashmere scarves come in a fine, slightly looser weave in what Begg calls their Wispy model. It’s a generously sized scarf that will add drape and volume to the v-area of your overcoats. The Hanger Project also has marked-down sweaters from Inis Meain, one of the best knitwear producers on the Aran Islands. Their “Celebration” sweater is modeled after something people on the island once wore for their Sunday best. It’s made from a mix of merino wool and cashmere, has an incredibly soft hand, and features just enough visual interest that it could be worn under a casual jacket or on its own with jeans.



Proper Cloth just updated their Winter Style Guide. The guide shows some of the better ways you can dress this winter on just limited color palette of cold blues and steely grays (blue on blue combos, such as the one above, work so long as the materials and shades contrast). Proper Cloth also shows how you can make a tailored outfit more wintery with just a dark woolen tie (solid or striped), as well as how you can mix dressier items with casual clothing. Their puffer vest, for example, is specially designed to look a bit more sophisticated than the ones you might wear on a trail. Seph over at Proper Cloth also tells us their custom trouser program has been getting a lot of love lately. Their tailored trousers come in almost any size and five different fits — athletic, classic, straight, slim, and extra slim.



This past week was the Westminster Dog Show and I’m not ashamed to admit that I spent a nontrivial amount of time watching clips on YouTube and through social media. First off, I have new life coaches. The way this 3 year-old Papillion named Gabby sped through the pole obstacle course is exactly how I’m bobbing and weaving through any negativity in 2019. Secondly, this adorable bichon frise is so resolutely chill. R. Eric Thomas at Elle sums it up best: “Like my career, [the performance] will be remembered not for its competence or brilliance, but for how proud Winky was of doing the worst possible job. The agility course, a series of ramps, hurdles, and tunnels, is meant to be taken at top speed and with a gymnast’s precision. Winky looked at the course and was like, ‘Okay, see what I’m not going to do is break a sweat, though,’ and set off on a leisurely trot through some but not all of the obstacles, pausing frequently for applause breaks and to just soak it in.”

If you’re similarly so inspired, our sponsor Chipp’s Kennel Club Collection has dog-themed neckties (woven, not printed) with almost every possible breed you can think of. Like all of Chipp’s ties, these are made in New York City, come in a standard 3.25″ width, and are available for customization upon request (e.g. if you need something longer or shorter, wider or skinnier). Wear them with soft-shouldered tweeds, oxford button-down shirts, and wool flannel trousers. Then remember the important life-lessons given to us by Gabby and Winky.



If you’re looking to update your sock wardrobe, Dapper Classics is running a one-day sale today. Take 15% off any order with the checkout code 215. The promotion applies to any of their newly released spring socks, which just dropped this past week (more designs are to come). The navy pin-dotted ones, pictured above, can be worn with almost anything. Navy socks go naturally with navy trousers, but they also complement gray and tan. The pin dots here can also add visual interest if you, like me, often rely on solid-colors for your shirts, jackets, and trousers. Like all of Dapper Classics’ socks, these are made in the USA and come with hand-linked seams, which means you get a smoother fit and finish at the toes.



It feels like every week, Rowing Blazers releases a new collaboration with one of prep society’s most famous institutions. Next Thursday, they’re launching their second collab with the Hasty Pudding at Harvard. The Pudding is one of Harvard’s oldest student societies and is best known for its annual comedy musical productions that tour New York and Bermuda each spring. Five presidents have been members (John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Theodore Roosevelt, FDR and JFK). More recent alums include Andy Borowitz (creator of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) and Rashida Jones. Rowing Blazers tapped into their emblems and vintage illustrations — with their crocodile, sphinx, pudding pot, and drama masks motifs. The Pudding’s sense of history and tongue-in-cheek irony nicely complement Rowing Blazer’s approach to style.

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