How to Wear a Grey Tweed

March 3, 2016

How To Wear A Grey Tweed

Grey sport coats can be tricky. One misstep and your sport coat can easily look like an orphaned suit jacket…

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A Service Directory for Cleaning and Repairing Clothes

February 29, 2016

A Service Directory For Cleaning And Repairing Clothes

There’s no way around it – no matter how expensive or well-made, all clothes are susceptible to staining, tearing, and…

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Let It Out: What to Do When You’ve Gone <i>Too</i> Slim

January 27, 2016

Let It Out: What To Do When You’ve Gone Too Slim

Men’s fashion coming out of the ‘90s was all about slimming the silhouette from the broader and baggier looks that…

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The Gray Tweed Sport Coat

November 11, 2015

The Gray Tweed Sport Coat

Gray sport coats are notoriously difficult to wear. In most fabrics, they look too similar to orphaned suit jackets, which…

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How to Press a Suit Jacket or Sport Coat

November 5, 2015

How To Press A Suit Jacket Or Sport Coat

Simon Crompton has been working on a very useful video series on how to take care your tailored garments. The…

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How to Look After Your Suit

October 21, 2015

How To Look After Your Suit

Savile Row tailor Richard Anderson and Permanent Style’s Simon Crompton go over some of the basics of how to look…

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Sports coats as carry-alls

August 25, 2015

Sports Coats As Carry-alls

I don’t have many possessions, and certainly no baubles, but I do pride myself on my sport coats. They are…

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Reading Formality in Tailored Clothing

April 2, 2015

Reading Formality In Tailored Clothing

Let’s get something straight: wearing a suit or sport coat in 2015 is going to make you look dressed up….

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Q & Answer: Can a Collar Gap Be Fixed?

February 11, 2015

Q & Answer: Can A Collar Gap Be Fixed?

John writes us to ask: Does a sport coat need to sit close to your neck at all times? I’ve…

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Brown and Beyond

October 20, 2014

Brown And Beyond

The navy blazer is commonly considered the most versatile kind of sport coat you can own, and for good reason….

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Linen Sport Coats for Summer

July 3, 2014

Linen Sport Coats For Summer

Everyone has their own pick for what they’d consider a summer essential. For me, it’d be a breathable sport coat….

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Why You Shouldn’t Hang Your Suit in the Bathroom

April 23, 2014

Why You Shouldn’t Hang Your Suit In The Bathroom

There’s a “trick” that often gets passed around on blogs and through magazines for how to get the wrinkles out…

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Q & Answer: Fixing Holes or Tears in Tailored Clothing

March 31, 2014

Q & Answer: Fixing Holes Or Tears In Tailored Clothing

Craig asks: I recently developed a small tear on the right side of my suit pants, and the place that made…

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Real People: Sport Coats with Jeans

January 22, 2014

Real People: Sport Coats With Jeans

My friend David in New York City is one of the best dressed guys I know. He’s a fine and rare…

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Try Bolder Sport Coats

October 7, 2013

Try Bolder Sport Coats

I consider myself a fairly conservative dresser, at least compared to other men interested in style. Not to say that…

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