Getting Radical: Q+A with Noah’s Brendon Babenzien

August 29, 2019

Getting Radical: Q+A With Noah’s Brendon Babenzien

Aggressiveness often softens with time. It’s students who protest; young people who start bands and throw bricks. The older people…

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Shopping for Vintage Graphic Tshirts

August 22, 2019

Shopping For Vintage Graphic Tshirts

When a trend crests, it’s often pretty clear who’s been riding the wave for years and who’s trying to hop…

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White Hot Glistening Shadowy Flows: A Playlist for August

August 15, 2019

White Hot Glistening Shadowy Flows: A Playlist For August

It’s Friday night. Good friends are on their way, light beer and cheap wine are on ice, fine cheeses and…

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Take the Heat: Summer Sucks for Clothes

August 9, 2019

Take The Heat: Summer Sucks For Clothes

The Washington Post has been publishing a series this season debunking the supposed joys of summer. Fashion critic Robin Givhan…

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What You Can Really Afford: A Decent Belt

August 5, 2019

What You Can Really Afford: A Decent Belt

I love wearing things into the ground. Like many guys, I repair my jeans (or pay someone more qualified to…

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It’s 2019 and You Still Need a Navy Blazer

July 29, 2019

It’s 2019 And You Still Need A Navy Blazer

Consider the neti pot. If you’ve never used one, a neti pot is a small ceramic pot, with a narrow…

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Jazz Style Behind the Scenes: Photographs of Milt Hinton

July 19, 2019

Jazz Style Behind The Scenes: Photographs Of Milt Hinton

Good style rarely happens in a vacuum — you can build personal style, but when it comes to icon status,…

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Before the Bad Boys: Inspiration from Wimbledon in the Early 1970s

July 11, 2019

Before The Bad Boys: Inspiration From Wimbledon In The Early 1970s

Wimbledon might be the most photogenic event in sports. A game focused on one-on-one competition; clean white sportswear against green…

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What to Do with Your Hands in Photographs

July 3, 2019

What To Do With Your Hands In Photographs

It’s tempting to make building style a mechanical exercise, especially when you first start paying attention to your clothes. Find…

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Eight Pairs of Shorts to Consider Right Now

June 28, 2019

Eight Pairs Of Shorts To Consider Right Now

We all have a friend who wears jeans year round, regardless of the weather. Indigo cotton to the ankle, always….

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Thrashin’: The Case for One Sneaker All Summer Long

June 13, 2019

Thrashin’: The Case For One Sneaker All Summer Long

When you’re young, authenticity can be everything. Probably before Holden Caulfield whined about phonies, and certainly since, we judge people…

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Shakedown Feet: Sandals for Summer and Beyond

June 7, 2019

Shakedown Feet: Sandals For Summer And Beyond

The Ringer’s Amanda Dobbins recently said men’s fashion is in it’s “woman repeller” phase — that men seem to be…

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EBay Roundup

June 4, 2019

EBay Roundup

There’s a lot of great menswear on eBay, but to find the good stuff, you have to search for hours….

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Real People: Homing In on Your Personal Style

June 3, 2019

Real People: Homing In On Your Personal Style

Building good wardrobe is like making a good sitcom. You assemble elements you think have the right chemistry, refine the…

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Best of What's Around: What Clothing of Today Would We Miss?

May 23, 2019

Best Of What’s Around: What Clothing Of Today Would We Miss?

“Things were better then.” That’s the implicit caption on every archival photo of a menswear icon, traditional or otherwise, on…

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