The Pop-Up Flea: Criticisms and Rejoinders

November 25, 2009

The Pop-Up Flea: Criticisms And Rejoinders

Earlier this week Giuseppe, the proprietor of An Affordable Wardrobe, wrote a thoughtful critique of ACL’s Pop-Up Flea, which took…

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Crocs are the free plan of footwear

November 5, 2009

Crocs Are The Free Plan Of Footwear

In the blog Archinect, Mark Faulkner writes that Crocs, the nightmarishly ugly boating and gardening shoe for children, are “the…

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Threadbared on The Sartorialist’s photo “Pride In His Work”

November 3, 2009

Threadbared On The Sartorialist’s Photo “Pride In His Work”

Those structures of privilege or social realities that might mediate the encounter are nowhere accounted for. Instead, we are presented…

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