Shell Cordovan for Winter

December 27, 2017

Shell Cordovan For Winter

It’s been a while since menswear was obsessed with all things shell cordovan, but if you’re looking for a great…

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Preventing Spotting on Shell Cordovan

December 7, 2015

Preventing Spotting On Shell Cordovan

I’m a big fan of wearing shell cordovan on rainy days. In addition to being a beautiful, lustrous leather, shell…

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How to Raise a Shine on Shell Cordovan

July 20, 2015

How To Raise A Shine On Shell Cordovan

Want to know a dirty secret? Shell cordovan – that durable and robust leather known for its luster – doesn’t…

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Update: After inquiries to Campanile, these ain’t shell cordovan.

March 10, 2015

Update: After Inquiries To Campanile, These Ain’t Shell Cordovan.

Update: After inquiries to Campanile, these ain’t shell cordovan. What a bummer.  Per Aliotsy: “Although they refer to this leather on…

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$327 Shell Cordovan Shoes

November 21, 2014

$327 Shell Cordovan Shoes

Of potential interest to anyone who’s ever admired shell cordovan shoes, but couldn’t stomach the price. Meermin just introduced Japanese…

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That Time I Designed a Pair of Shoes

June 18, 2014

That Time I Designed A Pair Of Shoes

I designed a pair of shoes. Well, boots to be exact. Two years ago, I asked Meermin if they had…

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WSJ on the Shell Cordovan Shortage

May 26, 2014

WSJ On The Shell Cordovan Shortage

If you’ve been in the market for shell cordovan shoes, you may have noticed there’s been a shortage lately. Retailers…

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A Little History On the Casualness of Shell Cordovan

February 12, 2014

A Little History On The Casualness Of Shell Cordovan

Shell cordovan is sometimes thought of as a “dressy leather,” presumably because of how expensive it is, but it’s actually…

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Make Your Own Rain Boots

March 7, 2013

Make Your Own Rain Boots

With spring showers only a month away, it’s worth thinking about what kind of footwear one might need when the…

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The Charm of Tassel Loafers

August 29, 2012

The Charm Of Tassel Loafers

I really like tassel loafers. I’m wearing a shell cordovan pair now with brown sharkskin trousers, a dark green v-neck sweater,…

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Taking Care of Shell Cordovan

July 24, 2012

Taking Care Of Shell Cordovan

Ron Rider gives some simple tips on how to clean up and restore shell cordovan shoes. Above is a pair…

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Shell Cordovan for Foul Weather Boots

July 4, 2012

Shell Cordovan For Foul Weather Boots

Pictured above is a beautiful pair of cognac shell cordovan boots, custom made by Carmina for Ethan Desu. As Ethan…

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We Got It For Free: Chester Mox Wallets

February 22, 2012

We Got It For Free: Chester Mox Wallets

Chester Mox recently got in some very interesting leathers. They asked me to review some of them, so I selected a…

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Q and Answer: What Color Shoes Should I Wear With a Navy Suit?

June 9, 2011

Q And Answer: What Color Shoes Should I Wear With A Navy Suit?

Peter writes: I was recently given a fantastic vintage navy blue suit from the ‘70s by my father. The only…

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How Leathers are Made

May 5, 2011

How Leathers Are Made

A good friend, GW, sent me this wonderful video about shell cordovan. The film reminded me of another video I’ve…

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